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Eyedeal Vision Opticians

Last updated September 2020

Dear Lovely Clients,

We are back! July 2020

Today is our first official day back on the practice floor with the staged recovery of Covid-19. We gave everything another thorough disinfecting this morning and we’ve finally been able to open the doors & lift the shutters, to all you wonderful clients.

If you have received this message more than once due to family members having the same email, please accept my apology in advance.

As you know, things change rapidly with the current situation. Please take a few minutes to have a read of the latest at Eyedeal Vision.


• We are available and open for face to face essential eye care during our temporary opening hours, which are listed further down on this notice, please keep reading.  

• To keep you as safe as possible, attendance to the practice will be by appointment and all visits will be staggered to ensure the practice is not overcrowded.

• We will be prioritising appointments for any clients that need new glasses due to a vision change, have an eye problem, need their glasses repaired, require a backup/spare pair or want replacement glasses or sunglasses.

Please call us on 0208 524 2887 and we will endeavour to get your situation resolved promptly and safely.

• One of our most common calls on our emergency line during lock down was for repairs and breakages of glasses. If you don’t have a spare to that heir or feel your glasses are on their last legs, call us and we will get it sorted.

We have found – disaster always likes to strike at the most inopportune time.

Having a second pair is great for building your eye wardrobe collection, having another stylish look and the best solution for a glass’s emergency.

• If you have an eye problem, call us on 0208 524 2887; Bhavita or Kalpesh will be in practice and available for telephone consultations to discuss any concerns you may be having about your vision or eyes. We can then arrange a face to face appointment at eyedeal vision if needed.


NHS & PRIVATE CLIENTS, with the new social distancing rules & to keep your eyes safe; we will now, hence forth, only use advanced techniques to test your eyes. Most of you have already experienced the enhanced eye tests that we offer at eyedeal vision. 

If you haven’t – it’s now become our new normal & the only way of testing your eyes safely – it’s a more in-depth way of assessing your eye health whilst keeping at a safe distance.

• All practice plan members have enhanced eye tests (above) included for free in their monthly plan. To find out more or if you wish to join, please call us.

• When you attend the practice, we have medical grade hand sanitiser throughout the practice and hand-washing facilities in Peter’s lab. Please use these facilities on arrival and throughout your visit.

• All areas of the practice will be thoroughly disinfected before and after your visit.

• Our seating area has been spaced out, to keep in line with social distancing.

• You will also find that we have Perspex screens at reception and our dispensing tables. Please do not see this as a barrier to our relationship with you, it’s just to keep everyone safe. We will still be able to see you and smile!

• We will also be dressed in various forms of PPE; yes, we may look like a walking talking hazmat suit, but I promise it’s still us underneath it all.

• If you have a face mask, we encourage you to wear it on your appointment with us. If you don’t have a face mask, don’t worry, we will gift you one to wear for the entire visit and for the journey home.

• We kindly ask that where possible you visit us ‘hans solo’.  But if you need to bring someone along to help you choose your new glasses or need someone with you, just let us know, so we can arrange your visit safely – that’s no problem at all!

• To stop any transmission of the superbug; we will no longer be able to have clients trying on frames directly from our display shelves and have developed a new & fun way to choose your glasses!


When you choose your new glasses; we will now be doing a seated personalised styling consultation.  We will assess your visual needs, colour style, the best shapes & fit for your facial features and find styles to suit your unique personality. This will allow us to find you the perfect selection of glasses to try on and keep you safe.

• All frames will be disinfected before and after your unique styling consultation.


Our Temporary opening times for essential eye care – just for a while – is the following;

Monday 9.30am – 5.00pm

Tuesday 9.30am - 5:00pm

Wednesday 9.30am – 5.00pm

Thursday Closed

Friday 9.30am – 5.00pm

Saturday 9.30am - 5.00pm

Sunday Closed

• Our phone lines are open 0208 524 2887 during our temporary opening hours.

• If you require any eye drops, eye gels or solutions, please call us and we will put them aside for your collection or arrange for them to be posted

• If you require contact lenses, please call us to place your order. we are currently having all orders posted directly from manufacturer to your chosen address

• If you are unwell, we kindly ask, that you keep rested at home, call 111 or your GP, and please do not attend the practice.

If you are unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms & experiencing an eye problem, call 111 or you can call us on 0208 524 2887 and we will find the safest way to have your eye condition reviewed.

• If you need to stay self-isolated – we can still help by phone, email or liaising with a trusted family member or friend. We are here to help.

Well, I hope you are still awake after my lengthy run down of ‘what’s new at eyedeal vision’.

As ever, it is always a pleasure to serve you – you are a part of the eyedeal vision family!

We look forward to seeing all your lovely faces and the return back to normality.

Best wishes,

Mr Rasik Magudia senior optician

& the eyedeal vision team; Peter, Bhav, Kalpesh, Jay, Sophie and Caitlan