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Is choosing your glasses a daunting process? Let us help you find the correct glasses to suit you. Our style consultation will take the hassle out of choosing new glasses.

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Have you had a bad experience in choosing your glasses in the past?

Has choosing glasses become a painful hassle filled process?

Are you fed up with going from opticians to opticians looking for a pair of glasses that suit you?

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We are here to help. Welcome to eyedeal vision, the opticians that do it differently. How we style at eyedeal vision.

How We Style at Eyedeal Vision.

What we do at eyedeal vision is guide you through the process of choosing glasses and help you find frames that fit your face, your prescription and your personality. Our eyewear styling consultations will help you find the perfect pair of glasses. We style our clients every day and have been for years.  So we know what we are doing and will wholeheartedly find you the best glasses to suit your needs. It’s in our best interest too to make sure you look good in your glasses because you’ll be walking around wearing these glasses. You’re our best advertising!

What most of our clients do, over the years is go on an eyewear journey. Each time they choose new glasses they become more confident in their choice of eyewear. Lots of clients go from “not-to-be-noticed” glasses, to glasses that are a bit more of a statement. Our clients enjoy wearing their glasses more because people notice them and comment on them. Over time most of our clients tend to become more confident and more stylish with their choice of eyewear.

Most of our clients have become used to wearing their current glasses, that they don’t even notice them anymore. They just blend in. So when you go for a new style they really stand out to you at the beginning. This is completely normal. After a few days you’ll have adjusted to seeing yourself in your new glasses and they’ll be completely comfortable. It’s good to embrace change! Things change, trends change. It’s good to stay modern and keep up with the times! Nobody wants to look out-dated.

At Eyedeal vision we guarantee what we do. We have a 30 Day ‘love your glasses’ guarantee. So if you aren’t completely comfortable with your choice of new glasses we will replace the frame and lenses at no charge. We want you to be happy in your glasses and enjoy wearing them. Our guarantee takes the risk out of trying a new style. But the bottom line is we stand behind the advice we give you, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy with whatever glasses you choose.

If you would like to book in for a styling consultation, please give us a call on 0208 524 2887.

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Round shaped face

Round Shaped Face

Rectangular or box shaped glasses will work best for people with a rounded facial structure, as they balance out your natural features. Rounded faces have very few angles and cheekbones are barely noticeable. Glasses that are round and have dark lenses should be avoided in this case as they can make the face seem heavy.

Square shaped face

Square Shaped Face

Gently curved or rounded glasses are perfect for square face shapes, which are commonly equally wide across the forehead and the jaw line. Thin frames will help to soften the look and enhance the angles of the face. You could try semi-rimless frames with a curve at the brow.

Eyedeal Vision Guide To Face Shapes

When picking out glasses you should think about your strongest facial features, and more importantly your face shape. These will determine the type of glasses that suit you and draw attention to particular parts of your face, like the cheekbones or the jaw. Different styles of glasses will suit different face shapes, so it is important to understand which glasses suit you.

Our top tips on picking a new glasses frame to suit your face shape.

Our trained and knowledgeable opticians will be on hand to help you through the process of choosing your new eyewear and will give you helpful information on all frame designs available to you.

However, there are exceptions to every rule. Don’t be put off glasses that you have been told won’t work with your face-shape simply because of the ‘rules’ - you might find the perfect pair of glasses in a shape or style you hadn’t considered. It is really a trial and error process that only you have the final say in.

Oval shaped face

Oval Shaped Face

This face shape is wider at the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and chin.Most styles and glasses shapes work well with oval faces and can really bring out distinguished features.

Heart shaped face

Heart Shaped Face

Rimless styles and frames that are narrower at the top are best for people with a heart face shape as they help to balance the face shape more evenly. This face shape should also consider lighter frame colours.

Oblong shaped face

Oblong Shaped Face

Frames that are rounded and deep will work well with longer face shapes. Fully-rimmed frames are also popular choices as horizontal lines help to shorten the look of the face.

Purchasing Glasses Online Isn’t Always All It’s Cracked Up To Be!

With the rise of the Internet, buying a new pair of prescription glasses (or anything really!) has never been easier. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Compared to buying your glasses in practice, purchasing glasses online isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. The benefits of buying your glasses alongside a qualified professional in practice are often hugely underestimated. People often only consider the aesthetics of their glasses, when in fact other aspects such as the shape, size of the lenses, frame type, fitting, frame adjustments, pupillary distance PD, pupillary heights, pantoscopic angle, wrap angle and back vertex distance need to be considered as well.

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The only measurement most online retailer requests other than your prescription is your PD, pupillary distance. All the other measurements are usually more often than not forgotten about. The (PD) pupillary distance is the space between your eyes, between the centres of each of your pupils. When measured at home for online purchases, the pupillary distance is often measured inaccurately, meaning your glasses are made to the wrong specifications. Also the pupillary heights of your pupils are in relation to the how & where the frame sits on your face, it varies from frame to frame and how the frame fits the wearer. If your pupillary heights are not measured alongside your pupillary distance PD, in the relation to your chosen frame, it leads to errors and your glasses will be made to the wrong specification.

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Most online retailers never ask or measure your pupillary heights; this measurement is just as important if not more.Most independent opticians like us do not give out PD’s (pupillary distance) due to the reasons above and to also avoid glasses errors being blamed on opticians because the online retailer has not taken into account the pupillary heights.  Eyedeal Vision also firmly believe the person dispensing your glasses should be measuring your pupillary distance PD and pupillary heights in relation to frame you have chosen, in person and not over a online ordering form! This avoids errors and allows glasses to be made to your exact specification, giving you the best vision possible.Therefore you must have your PD and heights measured by whoever is dispensing your glasses. If they cannot do this, we advise you to just purchase the frame only and have your lenses dispensed at your local opticians.

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Researchers actually found that a high percentage of glasses bought online where the wearer had measured their own pupillary distance, guessed their pupillary distance and did not have their pupillary heights measured were unsafe and actually posed a risk to the patient’s vision and eye health.In addition, purchasing glasses with the help of a professional means that you can be certain that the shape and size of the frames you choose not only suit your features, but are beneficial for your visual needs too. This is especially important for bifocal and Varifocal wearers, making the benefits of purchasing their glasses with a trained dispensing optician all the more important. A 2016 study from leading American journal ‘Optometry and Vision Science’ found that glasses bought and fitted in practice were ranked higher on a number of factors - including fit,vision, comfort, and how safe the glasses felt when worn - than those bought online.

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Take out the uncertainty of buying online and try them on in our showroom for a more personalised experience. Find your perfect glasses with expert advice on the frame size best suited for you, latest styles and frame face styling to suit your individuality.

If you would like to book in for a complimentary free styling consultation, please give us a call on 0208 524 2887.

Our Customer Testimonials
Herbert Merralls
Testimonial 5 stars
April 2021

We come to you knowing we will get a good comprehensive eye inspection

Charulata Patel
Testimonial 5 stars
April 2021

Was so happy and learnt a lot about my eyes and also explained to me very well. Very happy staff. Would recommend to anyone who has any problems with eyes. Thank you so much. Very clean and very pleasant staff.

Gilly Grange
Testimonial 5 stars
April 2021

It was just perfect as always! Thank you team! As always my experience at Eyedeal Vision was perfect! The team's customer service was second to none! All the team are very friendly ,polite and knowledgeable. I have been going there for many years and would never go anywhere else!

Katherine Klat
Testimonial 5 stars
April 2021

Wonderful efficient and professional service. The appointments are efficiently made, all staff are friendly and helpful. Also very knowledgeable about eye conditions.

Grace Royall
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2021

It was perfect. Safe and chilled with staggered times for patients so it's not congested. I wish everyone thought like this! I've been coming here since I was a child, and I'm a picky person. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, it is so enjoyable coming and having my eyes tested! The shop is sleek and beautiful, just like the glasses. They stock a full range for all tastes from fashion favourites to traditional classics. There is something for everyone. During Covid they've reassessed their processes and practices to ensure all their patients feel comfortable and safe, from staggering entry times to how you try in glasses. They've really thought about how to make their customers comfortable, not just following the guidelines but going above and beyond as they always do. I don't think I'll ever go elsewhere for my eyecare

Ian Rowland
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2021

Experience was fine - covid safe, professional and friendly.

Hemal Patel
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2021

Only wish I'd found you guys earlier. Offers services the big chains don't. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Christine Chapman
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2021

As usual, the staff are polite and very professional. I always leave knowing I’ve had the best service... Many thanks to you all

Linda Stanfield
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2021

Always very happy with the service.

Merle Faleye
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2021

It was perfect. Very professional.

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