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No matter the sport we can help! Whether it’s a specialist tint, visors, goggles or protection - we will source it for you.

When it comes to your favourite sport or sports, it’s natural to want to perform at your very best. You probably spend time training and fine tuning your skills. However, without good eye health it may not be your technique that is holding you back, but your eyewear.

Depending on which sport you play you will have different requirements from your eyewear. For example if you are a keen golfer, there needs to be a very clear contrast between the ball and the fairway. For skiers, minimal glare is required so that your eyes don’t suffer from strain and you can clearly see icy patches in the snow. Maybe you’re a swimmer and simply find it impossible to see under the water, even with goggles, without your vision prescription. At eyedeal vision we stock a wide variety of specialist sports eyewear that can help you. You will be advised on the perfect eyewear that will both look great and potentially enhance your sporting performance.

At eyedeal vision we stock a wide variety of specialist sports eyewear that can help you. You will be advised on the perfect sports eyewear that will both look great and potentially enhance your sporting performance. Furthermore, the application of a tint or coating can make an even greater difference by increasing things such as your depth perception. A brown tint will make a golf ball really ‘pop out’ against the green, an orange tint combined with an anti-glare coating will highlight every flaw in the snow when skiing and a mirrored coating can add the final cosmetically appealing touch to exceptional sports eyewear. So whether it’s football, shooting or another sport that you like to take part in, don’t allow your eyesight to hinder your performance. Speak to a member of our experienced team about the benefits of specialist sports eyewear and what it can do for you.

At Eyedeal Vision Opticians we offer a large range of specialist Sports Eyewear for many of the following Sports. Diving & Swimming Goggles - Golf Lenses and Sunglasses - Skiing Goggles - Shooting - Snooker - Athletes - Contact Sports i.e Martial Arts - Fishing - Horse Riding - Cycling - Sailing & Windsurfing - Rowing - Water Sports - Mountaineering - Protective Sports Eyewear - Contact Lenses for Sports.
Yellow Tinted Sports Eyewear

YELLOW increased contrast and helps sharpens vision in overcast, hazy, low light conditions. They are good for night driving, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and shooting.

Amber Tinted Sports Eyewear

AMBER is great for bright sunny days. Great for cycling, skiing, snowboarding and water sports.

Brown Tinted Sports Eyewear

BROWN is great for bright sunny days and especially when you have grass and a blue sky. Very useful for field sports and hunting.

Green Tinted Sports Eyewear

GREEN increases contrast and gives you sharper vision. Green has only a slight effect on colour perception compared to brown, amber, yellow, peach, pink, violet tints.

Grey Tinted Sports Eyewear

GREY is perfect for bright conditions and does not affect your colour perception. Good for all sports and/or great everyday sunglasses.

Pink Tinted Sports Eyewear

PINK is great for shooting, to enable increased contrast and increased vision. great for green landscape and brown moving target.

Peach Tinted Sports Eyewear

PEACH enhances vision in low light levels allowing the skier improved contrast on the slopes and cuts out some blue light.

Violet Tinted Sports Eyewear

VIOLET is great for cycling and allows the cyclist to see any potential dangers on the asphalt by enhancing definition of what you are viewing

POLARISED lenses reduce glare from the sun and reflected surfaces. They are great for fishing, water sports and as everyday sunglasses. Polarised lenses can also come with a multi layer anti-reflection coating on both sides of lenses to cut out as much glare as possible and enhance the wearer’s vision. Skiers and snowboarders may need to see reflections on the ice as a warning sign and polarised lenses may not be the best option when conducting that sport.

MIRROR COATINGS helps reduce more light passing through the tinted lenses by 10-60%. This gives the wearer ‘brighter’ vision. Mirror coatings come in an array of colours and are in addition to a tinted lens.

BI-GRADIENT MIRROR is subtle mirroring on the top and bottom of the lenses. This stops you from squinting or screwing up your eyes in bright sunlight. Having the mirror surface at the stop and bottom reflects light entering from above and below you away from the eyes. Anti-reflective coatings can be applied to any tint or type of lens. Anti-reflective helps reduce glare from entering the eye. It is usually applied to the front and back surface of the lens. A hard coat helps resist scratches or scuffs to your lenses. Oleophobic lenses, repels grease from building up on your lenses and water resistance helps repel water droplets off your lenses.

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