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UV is everywhere including the UK. Protect your eyes and stop squinting in the sun with great sunglasses. Choose from the best quality sunglasses, now available at Eyedeal Vision.

That’s right, as the sun makes itself known, it’s time to slap on that sun cream, put on a baseball cap, find those sunglasses and stay in the shade when the sun’s at its peak. Yet many do not follow the advice of experts when the sun’s out. If we as a population continue to be lazy when it comes to sun protection, the well-known risks of sun exposure (sunburn and in more serious cases, skin cancer being the main culprits) could become an epidemic. It’s not only your skin you have to worry about. The intensity of UV rays on the eyes can lead to a huge number of eye conditions, including age-related Macular Degeneration, Photokeratitis (‘sunburn’ of the eyes), skin cancer of the eyelids and cataracts.

Sunglasses are available in prescription and non prescription.

Did you know that teens and young people are three times more likely to be harmed by UV rays than adults? Everyone should be protecting his or her eyes from the sun. We constantly hear clients say that the sun cannot harm your eyes in the winter or if it's cold. It is the biggest myth. UV light is present throughout the whole year including overcast days. Just because it's not temperature hot, does not mean that UV is not about. The winter sun is low and usually in your line of sight compared to the summer sun, therefore UV, sun & glare protection is needed in the winter too. UV protection for your skin and eyes should be worn throughout all seasons.

Ever since UV sunglasses were introduced, the common belief is that ‘they protect your eyes from the sun and UV’. In this day and age, with the sophisticated technology available, the answer is more than likely yes. But how can you be certain? The best way to ensure you are receiving the necessary protection from the sun is to purchase your sunglasses from an optical or sunglass expert - like your optician rather than a high street clothing store. You should only be buying and wearing sunglasses that give you 100% UV protection.

Here are a few options to help protect your eyes from the sun.
  • Standard UV protected sunglasses; most designer brands or well established sunglass brands offer this type of protection as standard. Whilst the tinted lenses soothe the eyes from bright sunlight and protect you from UV, they do not cut the glare from sunlight. Purchase your sunglasses from a reputable Opticians or sunglass company.
  • Mirror coated sunglasses help reduce further sunlight entering the eyes and protects you from UV. It is effectively a mirrored layer over your tinted sunglass lenses.
  • Transition lenses; are lenses that go dark when you are exposed to UV and sunlight. They become clear when you go indoors. They are a great option for sometime that prefers an all in one approach to their eyewear and does not like having an additional pair of sunglasses. Transitions soothe the eyes from bright sunlight as they go dark and protect you from UV but they do not cut the glare from sunlight.
  • Polarised lenses protect your eyes from the harmful UV, block bright sunlight whilst enhancing your vision. Sunglasses with polarised lenses reduce glare up to 99.9% also reducing reflections from the sun, above, below and behind each lens to aid your vision further. Sunglasses with polarised lenses ensure that you see the world the way nature intended; with colours enhanced and enriched to give you the very best view.

To make sure your eyes aren’t damaged by the sun, we recommend Maui Jim sunglasses, which has been approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation, block 100% of UV rays and reduce 99.9% glare from the sun. Everyone here at eyedeal vision wears Maui Jim.

Other benefits of Maui Jim include:
  • Polarisation - a high efficiency policed film cuts out glare from the sun.
  • Bi-gradient mirror lenses - these lenses squint for you so you don’t have to, reducing eye strain.
  • Colour enhancing patented lenses which improve natural light, providing you with exceptional colour and clarity.
  • Anti-reflective lenses - reducing glare.
  • Waterproof and oleophobic - sheds water and repels grease.
  • Clear shell - scratch resistance on front and back of your lenses.
  • Anti-reflective lenses - reducing reflections.
  • Available in prescription if required.

Best of all, these lenses are available in an array of advanced materials, including robust polycarbonate and super thin glass for lightness and comfort, as well as being optimised for shatter and scratch resistance. Remember, you can get sunglasses from any other brand but in our opinion making the right choice with polarised lenses is, the only choice for anyone who’s serious about style and safety for their eyes from the sun.

To help you enjoy the sun safely, follow a few of these tips:
  • Wear sunscreen on your body and face, even if it’s overcast. Apply this hourly or reapply if you’ve been in water. Your sun cream should be spf15 minimum, and have at least a four star rating to protect you from UV rays.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Wear hats with a peak.
  • Stay out of the sun during peak hours.
  • Don’t fall asleep in the sun.
  • Stay in the shade between 11.00am and 03.00pm
  • Stay covered.
  • Look for sunscreen that has been approved by The Skin Cancer Foundation or follow guidelines by UK body Cancer Research UK.
Our Customer Testimonials
Brian Thorogood
Testimonial 5 stars
September 2020

I have been getting my glasses from Eyedeal Vision since the 1980’s and always been treated with the most kindest attention, my glasses have always suited me And I will never go anywhere else the staff are very expert in what they do.

Sarah Stapeley
Testimonial 5 stars
September 2020

It is more expensive than other high street opticians but the quality and customer service is exceptional and I would highly recommend to anyone.

Teresa Sleap‎
Testimonial 5 stars
September 2020

Thank you for my recent eye tests and for my new glasses. I felt very safe with all the precautions taken. loved collecting my new glasses when Peter met me at the door and had every thing ready my glasses are so comfortable i hardly know I am wearing them.

Terry Wilson‎
Testimonial 5 stars
September 2020

When your eyes 'haven't been right' since you were in Primary School and there is a chance that they will continue to deteriorate -you need to be sure that you've found someone who is expert at keeping 'an eye' on them; When you have to always wear spectacles - you want them to be part of your fashion accessories . Eyedeal Vision has had my wife as a patient/client/customer ever since they arrived in Station Road, they keep an amazing range of styles to keep her happy; they remind me that as a diabetic my eyesight needs regularly to be tested- routinely for the NHS but also in greater depth as I get older. They are lovely people, very friendly, totally efficient and we are so grateful that they are just around the corner from home

Laurel Stephens
Testimonials 5 stars
September 2020

Hi Team Eye Deal. Thank you for your prompt response at my last appointment,as always the service I received was 100% as had been since attending your practice you professional and warm service is one that we don’t receive often these days, Please extend my regards to all the team keep safe see you soon will keep you updated on my progress and keep up your good work. Laurel Stephens

Kaye Bullock‎
Testimonials 5 stars
September 2020

Always looked after by this amazing team of professionals. The service And care give to their clients is always brilliant. So lovely to have EyeDEAL VISION OPTICIANS on our doorstep.

Ian Connor
Testimonials 5 stars
September 2020

Having a high short-sighted prescription , but now needing reading glasses , I had previously tried varifocals from a well known High Street chain but without success. However I’m delighted with the varifocal glasses I’ve purchased from Eyedeal Vision which I’ve adapted to straight away. Their measuring up process for the varifocals was so thorough compared to what I’d experienced elsewhere. Thoroughly recommended.

‎Jayne Pasco
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2020

Eyedeal Vision is such a fantastic opticians with amazing staff, I would not dream of going anywhere else!! The range of frames are brilliant and the help of everyone in choosing frames that suit you is even better!!

Alex Razancev
Testimonials 5 stars
April 2020

Excellent service, very friendly stuff. Thank you. Alex

Mick Monahan
Testimonials 5 stars
September 2020

I recently had an appointment with Eyedeal in Chingford and had a great experience Very professional and appointment was on time and optician talked me through all the tests. I had never had it explained to me in the 20+ years that there are markings on the contact lenses! A small detail but it’s the attention to detail that impressed me Glad I switched from a well known bigger name to this local business Extremely happy so far

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